Making of




Mutant Bacteria is an amazing planetarium show with a great script and beautiful soundtrack. But what will really shock the audience are the stunning visuals that recreate the imaginary microlandscapes where part of the action takes place. All those textures, along with every character that appears in the movie have been created not in a computer but in the lab, where we mixed liquids and pigments and then recorded the resulting reactions. Things flow and change color in subtle and unique ways that could not have been recreated with digital animation techniques. So, far more than analogical or digital, Mutant Bacteria can be seen as a chemical production!

A universe in the lab

Suso Alonso, il divo...

Chus recording Jew’s harp. I screw it up

Manolo and Patricia dubbing the stars

Labyrinth algae behind the scenes...


Snapshots from foley creation.
Generating sound effects

Textures and characters 1

Before the storm

Textures and characters 2

Mutant is learning to dance