A story full of characters

The stars tell it all

The story is told by two dwarf stars. One of them is very old, while the other is too young to  know much about the universe or even imagine what she ignores.

Bacteria take the cake

But the action really takes place at a much smaller scale, right within a drop of water. There, with our microscopes we will be able to discover the exciting odyssey of the amazing mutant bacteria.

Amoebas want to party, party!

In the outskirts of the Milky Way two stars discuss whether the universe is full of mysteries and surprises or it is just another boring place where nothing ever happens. To answer this question we travel to a planet very similar to our own Earth, and then dive in the ocean and into the blade of a brown algae, where we finally meet a tiny mutant bacteria.


Following her we will discover marvelous microscopic landscapes and all kinds of microorganisms, some of which are truly frightening. After much running, jumping and dancing the little bacteria will end up discovering that although she is the only one of her kind there is a place for her in the world. And this place is Mademoiselle Ameba's fabulous ballet …



A collaborative project with creative people

Directed by Marcos Pérez, , with a screenplay by Paula Carballeira, and the art design of “El retrete de Dorian Gray”, Edited by  Raúl Manzanal, who also animated the movie along with  Ernesto Carmena, Featuring original music by Suso Alonso, and the voices of  Patricia de Lorenzo y Manuel Cortés. Produced by Science Museums of Coruña, Planetario de Pamplona and Parc Astronòmic del Montsec:


“El retrete de Dorian Gray” (in their own words, a company of two, working to make people say “wow!” or “uh-huh”, or “hehehehe”, that is Ezra Moreno and Marcos PTT, experienced in magic, balloon art, juggling, puppetry and physical theatre…);


- Paula Carballeira has a degree in Spanish language and literature, and for several years she’s been working as an oral narrator, actress and writer of poetry and children’s literature;


- Raúl Manzanal is a fulldome artist that designed such marvelous works as “La niña que sabía caminar al revés” or “La noche del Vampiro” and is responsible for the editing of all the productions from Planetario of Pamplona.


- Ernesto Carmena has animated all sorts of characters in fulldome shows, including those that jumped out of the paintings in “Starry Night at the Museum”


- Suso Alonso has a broad teaching and professional experience as a pianist in musical and theatrical shows (Banda Di Elas, Assemble of the “Ópera dos Tres Reás”…), composing the soundtrack of “Mutant Bacteria”, with original music performed and recorded at the studios of the Radio Galega together with an intriguing collection of sound effects created for the film.